Summer Heat Effects on Nike Shoes

Nike Shox are among the most popular shoes in the world.

With the summer heat in full blast mode across the country, people everywhere are feeling the full effects of oppressive heat particularly in the South Texas area, namely, Brownsville, TX. It has been so hot this year in South Texas that records have been broken almost daily. Because of this strong heat, people have been working their HVAC systems in overtime mode and unfortunately, many of these units fail working so hard. During times like these,  residents of Brownsville are turning to the internet and searching their new favorite term….”ac repair Brownsville Tx”.

But we are generally let to believe that only people of the communities are in need a cooling down, what about non-living items?

One of the warehouse companies owned by Rio Grande Forwarding in Brownsville, TX, specifically holds hundreds, if not thousands of Nike shoes that are being held before transporting into Mexico. What many people don’t realize is that even though our Nike shoes are tough “hombres”, they are susceptible to damage by extreme heat just as we are.

In warehouses that are not climate controlled, temperatures can reach above 150 degree Fahrenheit which we know what will and can happen to living things, but the extreme heat can also cause pre-disposed wear and tear to Nikes line of popular shoes. How? Let me explain.

Even though high quality materials are used to create the shoes we wear, there are still substances such as glues that are used when bringing the shoe pieces together….namely the sole. One this glue is exposed to such extreme temperatures, it will soften and more often than not, come apart or separate from the bottom of the shoe itself.

You may get “lucky” and the sole will continue to stick to the base of the actual shoe, but you will probably notice that it has probably shifted either forward, back, or side to side creating an uneven fit when you stand up in your new shoes.

Now as for the top half of the shoe, even though most shoes are made with very durable leather, it may be possible for the leather to dry out prematurely and crack within the first days of wearing your new shoes. It’s because of this dilemma that we recommend coating your leather shoes with a high quality leather conditioner. Yes, you read that correctly, leather conditioner on your shoes. It will simply add back the moisture lost by the extreme heat that evaporated what little moisture remained in your shoes at the time.

Looking now at the inner part of your shoes, we have the early departure of the inner sole. Since it is usually lightly glued to the inner base of the shoes, the glue used has a chance of also softening causing your inside soles to slide or move when you first put your feet in. So before getting to excited and just pushing your feet in, check them to make sure that there is very little to no movement on the inner soles of your shoes in order to ensure and good comfortable fit for your very deserving feet.

So not only do you need to think about keeping yourself and your loved ones cool this summer, but look at all the items around you especially those items you unknowingly left outside in the heat.