The Best Dentists in Brownsville Tx are Doing This, Too!

Dentists are relatively known and feared among many who only see the pain involved when visiting their local dentist. Not many realize that these dentists are people, too, and they have a life outside of their profession. Let’s take a look, for example, at some of the best dentists in Brownsville Tx as many of them live a very active lifestyle.

We’ve taken notice of the fact that many of these dentists (and there’s a lot of them) have a variable schedule on a weekly basis. This allows them to lead a much more active lifestyle than those before them. Luckily for us, Nike footwear is the weapon of choice for the bigger majority of them and many of them have turned to jogging and bicycling as not only a form of regular exercise, but as a means to get out and meet others outside the realm of their profession.

What we see more often, though, is that male dentists tend to hit the gym more often than their female counterparts. That explains why many of the new younger generation of male dentists seem to be a bit more buff under their scrubs. Female dentists tend to utilize speed walking and jogging as their choice for regular exercise and fitness along with a healthy and balanced diet proportioned at 51% of raw vegetables per meal according to one of the dentists we spoke with. The men tend to still eat a diet high in protein (meats) since the majority of their exercise level consists of frequent lifting and little cardio.

Now to the real focus of this article… the Nike part of it! It seems that the favored shoe product for both men and women in the dental profession leans toward the time tested Nike Shox line of footwear. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to us as the Nike Shox series have been around for some time now and so many people around the world swear by it’s performance.

Not only does this popular line of Nike shoes come ready for adults, but kids have had access to their version of the famous Shox shoes by Nike. As a matter of fact, my 3 year old has a brand new pair of white Shox shoes that fit him just divinely and for a fraction of the cost of the adult version.

The reason for the popularity of these shoes is their comfort technology on the heal end of the footwear that provides maximum comfort and cushioning when pressure is added, hence the “Shox” label of the shoes. I also own a pair of these shoes and so does my wife who wears them on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, she wears Nike Shox year round and will not wear anything else since her job requires her to walk for most of the day.

Take a look at a different line of Nike Shoes…

So take a piece of advice from some of the dental professionals in your area and don’t fear them the next time you have an appointment. In fact, make it a point to strike up a conversation with them about their physical activities and the type of footwear utilized, you may be surprised to run into another Nike fan!